Peruvian Cotton

The Peru has an age-old textile tradition that goes back to the year 3000 BC in cultures such as Chavin, Paracas and Inca, who already used as premium PRINCIPALE the ALGODO, the FIBERS were observed with dyes natural and TEJIDAS FINALY with a special DESTREAS, using techniques advanced for that time

Our company uses two main types of cotton to textile production: Tanguis cotton and Pima cotton.

The Tangüis cotton grows on the central coast of the Peru, it is a long fiber of uniform length, producing excellent properties in REGULARITY and touch yarn.

Pima cotton grows on the North coast of the Peru, it is a very fine fiber, classified among the best cottons extra long (ELS) in the world. Retrieved from this fiber yarn is extremely glossy, soft and gets very fine titles, such as the 80/1 100/1 and Ne Ne.


It is also necessary to indicate that we work with organic cotton:

Recently, at the beginning of the second world war, farmers have begun to use various chemicals and pesticides. However, the use of these has been extended considerably, since the organic cotton that is grown in Peru represents a small percentage of all the cotton that is grown in our country.

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