In this area are the completed garments and different processes are used depending on the demands of our clients according to the requirements of our customers.

  1. Steaming: Using different techniques are applicable to ironing of garments.These processes are:
  2. Labeling: This is the manual work where the workers with adequate training
    labeling the garments according to the different requirements of our customers.
  3. Bending, Bagging, Packaging and Garments Reading: Once labeled  garments is done folding, bagging and embedded, which includes verification by size and color, and the distribution of the garment for later reading.
  4. Sytem Reading of Garments: At this stage takes overall control garment by garment through a filtration system that correctly distributes sizes, colors, proportions, etc. After this process the boxes pass through an electronic scale to compare the average weight of the garments as final verification.
  5. Storage and clothes Audit: The boxes are labeled with labels issued through the use of the EDI system or any other system the client may prefer. Ending with  the auditing approval for its later shipment.

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